WBENC's Ambassador Program


Introduction to the WBENC Ambassador Program

Welcome to the WBENC Ambassador Program. Here you will learn all about the program and why becoming a WBENC Ambassador plays a critical role in today's tough economic times.   Now more than ever before, we rely on WBENC Ambassadors to make connections that matter -- Opportunity Connections.  We call upon our Ambassadors to educate their constituents about the powerful role the Regional Partner Organization and the certified WBE can play in helping to achieve supplier diversity goals.     We rely on our Ambassadors to continuously represent WBENC throughout their tenure and to ensure their success is communicated to educate about the value of advocacy and encourage others to become involved.  

We are pleased to welcome existing Ambassadors to the new Ambassador Webpage.  Here you will find many new tools to help you achieve your Ambassador goals and a place to share your success with others.

As President Obama said in his Inaugural Address, "…everywhere we look, there is work to be done.  The state of our economy calls for action, bold and swift.  And we will act, not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth."  WBENC Ambassadors realize that women entrepreneurs have an essential role to play in this new foundation for growth and in making the future better for all of us.

To our existing Ambassadors, thank you for the job you have done and continue to do.  To those contemplating taking on the role of a WBENC Ambassador, you are critical to the overall success of the WBENC vision and mission.


Ambassador Program Overview

WBENC Ambassadors make connections.  Today, even more women in the United States are entrepreneurs, helping to build our economy and our country.  28 percent of all our private firms are owned by women. Women-owned firms employ 13 million people.

Ambassadors are enthusiastic about what WBEs have to offer.  So they help make connections that matter. WBENC Ambassadors believe that it is important to support entrepreneurs and, in particular, to help women connect and create enterprises.

Did you know?

  • The Census Bureau estimates that minorities, both arriving from abroad and born here in the United States, will account for nearly 90 percent of the total growth in the U.S. population from 1995 to 2050.
  • By 2010, one out of every three persons in the USA will be minority.
  • $3 Trillion is the number being reported as 'Buying Power' of African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American owned businesses.
  • 6.1 million women-owned businesses have $3.6 Trillion sales, a revenue growth of +436% representing another segment that corporate America is eying as well.
  • Supplier Diversity ties to changing demographics and marketing.

The role of the Ambassador is to educate others about the role the WBENC Ambassador Program can play in helping to achieve supplier diversity goals.  By hosting and attending WBENC Ambassador events, the Ambassador helps everyone understand the priorities of corporations -- a critical step in creating a successful WBENC experience.  Ambassadors engage members of senior management, from operations to finance, marketing, and human resources.  Together the Ambassador and these roles communicate a clear and concise mission statement and vision for supplier diversity to employees, vendors, customers, and shareholders.


Role of the WBENC Ambassador

As primary member liaisons, Ambassadors enhance membership retention by increasing member satisfaction and involvement and by providing connections, awareness and information.

Ambassadors are strong champions and supporters of supplier diversity.

  • Ambassadors develop and communicate a clear and concise supplier diversity mission statement and vision to support its employees, vendors, customers, and shareholders
  • Ambassadors generate business leads to diversify corporate spend by leveraging the strength of WBENC, Regional Partner Organizations, Corporate Members, and WBEs
  • Ambassadors help grow WBENC corporate membership and the number of WBENC-certified WBEs
  • Ambassadors utilize tactical plans to increase outreach and opportunities for the benefit of WBENC and its Regional Partner Organization
  • Ambassadors work to improve coordination between WBENC, Regional Partner Organizations, Corporate Members, and WBEs

Ambassadors are educators that provide information and increase awareness.

  • Ambassadors relay the role WBENC plays in helping their company achieve supplier diversity goals
  • Ambassadors educate other companies about: the benefits of supplier diversity programs; the value of certification; the support, services, and programs provided to corporate members of WBENC and the advantage of doing business with WBENC-certified WBEs

Ambassadors support connections by hosting WBENC Ambassador Events.

  • Ambassadors motivate and drive WBEs to deliver goods and services that support the Corporate Member's organization
  • Ambassadors engage members of senior management, from operations to finance, marketing, and human resources
  • Ambassadors act on behalf of WBENC. Ambassadors are charged with supporting WBENC and help to connect WBENC, Regional Partner Organizations, Corporate Members, and WBENC-certified WBEs

Ambassadors follow through.

  • Ambassadors diligently honor their commitment to make contacts, deliver information or represent WBENC because they know people are counting on them
  • Ambassadors proactively share information with WBENC staff and other Ambassadors so that more people are aware and learn
  • Ambassadors gladly deliver on their commitments to attend events as an Ambassador knowing that people are counting on them

Ambassadors act on behalf of WBENC. They know being an Ambassador isn't about their personal business, it's about WBENC and how you can help other members connect to each other.  Ambassadors should attend as many events as they can during the year, including monthly ambassador meetings.  Ambassadors follow through:  when you commit to being at an event as an Ambassador, people are counting on you.  When you commit to making contacts, delivering information or representing WBENC, people are counting on you.   When you learn about other businesses you need to share that information with other Ambassadors and WBENC staff so that more people are aware and learn.